Prepare with Us!


We are happy to inform you that we have sent out our first newsletter containing basic information in relation to the anniversary 25th eXtremeMan Nagyatád Race Series.


However, unfortunately there was a slight mistake in this newsletter with regards to the dates of the 2 race events listed there.


As you can see it on the countdown, the correct date of the 25th eXtremeMan Nagyatád Race is 26 July 2014 while the same for the 2nd eXtremeMan 113 Kaposvár Race is 29 June 2014


Apologies for the mistake and please disregard the first newsletter.


The newsletters can be also checked at


Those not having received the newsletters so far please register at so that you can receive the letters in the future into the personal mailboxes provided during the registration (this registration is different from the one at




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ian39031 on Sat, 2013-11-23 19:20

I can't find the email address of the organizers of the race. I have some questions, but the answer I found. Help please. Thank you!

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