In 2018 You can be in Roth, the European Capitol of Triathlon, and not just as a visitor, but as a participant as well! 

Long-long time ago, when I was in Roth as a participant, the event was called 'Quelle Ironman Europe' and it was organized by one of the first German Finishers in Hawaii, by the legendary triathlete, Mr. Detlef Kühnel. 

When he got to know that there was an Ironman-distance race even in Hungary (although at that time only a hundred participants dared to live up to the challenge), he encouraged me to keep on organizing the competition every year as the entire Hungarian triathlon society and even our small town will benefit from it (the Bavarian Roth is somewhat the same size as Nagyatád).

When we had an honest discussion about the difficulties of organizing the Roth race, Mr. Kühnel shared his resentment about the fact that WTC had tried to violently dictate the organization bits of the race with its rigid rules. I asked him if he was afraid of WTC breaking up with Roth thus taking away the Hawaii slots from the top finishers. He simply answered:  "Roth bleibt Roth" (Roth will still be Roth)

The Roth races were probably the most decisive experience for me as a triathlete back then. All Ironmen and -women can consider themselves happy if once in a lifetime they can participate in Roth...
The way the hundred thousand supporters are cheering, the way they are welcoming the late finishers during the night with thousands of sparklers are just simply amazing and unforgettable.
Probably it is not by chance that from this year on a certain Chris McCormack became the ambassador of the race. 
And YOU?
Do you want to participate in this race once in your life?

To swim in the Danube?
To speed through the difficult but yet very fast cycling laps?
To climb 2 legendary mountains (the Kalvarian Berg and the Solar Berg), where tens of thousands spectators celebrate and push you towards the finish? To run on the coastline gravel roads?
Think about it and decide! Give yourself a chance!
We organized everything for you, you don't have to look for the slight chance to register, neither you have to use your credit card to pay (it is well-known that within a few minutes from the second the registration period is activated online, the 1500 slot maintained for the triathletes from foreign countries are already booked!)
You only need to successfully finish in Nagyatád and then to throw your own lottery ticket into the urn after the closing ceremony, and then pray that you get lucky!

Further details coming soon! 


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