One more reason to become a Finisher on Saturday!

The BSI (Budapest Sports Office) Team has established a friendly relation with the eXtremeMan Organizer Team for years now. As a token of this friendship, BSI - similarily to the previous years - offered once again not one but two free passes to all BSI running contests between 01. August 2016 and 01. July 2017. One free pass to lady, one free pass to a gentleman will be drawn during the Awarding Ceremony on Sunday, and will be handed over by Árpád Kocsis, the Managing Director of BSI.

In addition to the above offering, BSI grants a 50% discount to all 2016 eXtremeMan Finishers regarding the 2016 Budapest Marathon! This will apply only to those Finishers who provided their BSI ID during registration.



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