Although only some weeks have passed since the Longest Day of 2016, the eXtremeMan Organizing Team is already at busy work to present some new features and memorable surprises for 2017.

As a result, eXtremeMan family will welcome a new friend in 2017: a new partner race is now being introduced,  let us see the  Aquatic Runner Italy - - come to the stage!

Aquatic Runner Italy is a unique race where the participants need to swim and then run... and swim and run and swim and run again and again until they are touching upon all 5 islands in the Lignano/Grado area of the Northern Adriatic Sea, running 23 km and swimming 5 km in total. The race will be held in September, 2017 (also, if any of you would be interested, this Saturday will witness the race of 2016).

It is important to mention that all those interested in participating the Aquatic Runner Race in 2017 have to be an ironman! Still, as part of the mutual agreement between the 2 organizing teams, Aquatic Runner organizers will accept the eXtremeMan Finisher database for checking the eligibility.

Further details of this cooperation - who will be eligible to participate and on what terms - will be presented later on, until then, sit tight and click here for a basic concept about this truly challenging and magnificent race!

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