Just one day  before the Great Day everyone present will have the chance to cheer for the kids' contest! 
On 28 July 2017 (Friday), right after the Run with Smile lady race all parents will have the possibility to enjoy the view of their racing children. 
Of course a fully closed race circuit will be provided for the event. 

But how will this circuit look like?

The smallest ones (2-3 year old)  will run 200 m, their start gate will be the official 'Welcome to the Finishline' gate.
The task is simple: they have to run through the Finish Gate.  

The 4-5 year old kids have to complete 400 m.
The start line will be at the Camping entrance from where a straight path leads to the Finish Gate. No turns!

The start line of the 600 m and 1.000 m will be at the same location, which is identical with the start line of the 'Run with Smile' contest. Both race need to start out in the same direction on the eXtremeMan Drive towards the city, then after a 180° turn the kids will complete the race on the same path as you, dear eXtremMan aspirants of the next day.

Registration: from 15 May
Click on the link at the bottom of the page for mandatory pre-registration!

Registration deadline: midnight of 24.07.2017

Race number pick-up point and on-site registration (if still eligible):
at the eXtremeMan Registration Office
from 16:00 of 26.07.2017

Only the first 240 kids can be registered

Entry Fee:
In case of pre-registration: 1.000 Huf (payable on-site)
On-site registration:  2.000 Huf, till 9:30 a.m.!
Please bring 1.000 HUF Notes to the Registration Office 

All participants will get a medal after successful finish.
All children are more than welcome on the 29 July as well - jumping castles, swingsets, merry-go-rounds, climbing walls, etc. will await for them on our 2.000 square meter playground. 

I.race:            born in 2014-2015 - 200 m     start: 10:30         
II.race            born in 2012-2013 - 400 m     start: 10:40         
III.race           born in 2010-2011 - 600 m     start: 10:50         
IV.race          born in 2008-2009 - 1.000 m  start: 11:00         

We warmly welcome all ironman families to Nagyatád!

Registration:  ITT található.

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