One of the most exciting moments of the year is the issue of the start list. We can say that the start list for the 2017 race is now final, only some minor additions will be there, but those will not influence the battle of the top participants.

More than 1500 athletes will participate - either as an individual aspirant or as a member of a relay team - in this year's eXtremeMan Long Distance Triathlon Championships, thus it is not entirely bold to state that the population of Nagyatád was almost doubled on the race weekend.

We will have triathletes from 12 different countries, mostly from Europe, but some even from overseas. 

The statistics show interesting numbers in each year. We are proud of the big number of 'First-Timers' who will attempt to complete their first long-distance in Nagyatád. There will be 196 of them, wearing green race numbers. It is a bit of a novelty that this year will have a new type of long-distance triathlete: those who have already finished an ironman-distance but never in Nagyatád. 35 of them will join the Nagyatád eXtremeMan family.  

Maybe the most exciting forecast is aiming at those being the members of the Over-The-Ten and Over-The-Twenty exclusive club, thus racing with red race numbers (those who have completed the Nagyatád race already more than 10 times). 37 of them will be at the lakeshore on 29 July, waiting for the cannonfire. 

But statistics are statistics, the most important for all of you is your own struggle on 29 July, culminating in the euphoria of a hopefully successful finish! 

Soon there will be a new article added regarding the Clash of the Titans e.a. the battle for the top positions. But it is well visible by taking only a short glance at the start list that the battle will be enormous. 14 days to go...

Individual Start List: Egyéni rajtlista

Relay Team Start List: Váltó rajtlista

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