Apart from the title, the free accomodation for the whole long weekend of the race will be granted by our Italian trusted partner!
We will prepare 250 lottery tickets for this prize, but the final number of those eligible for the lottery will be decided by your performance, dear future Finishers. 
Why is that: only those will be eligible for this lottery who will finish the eXtremeMan Nagyatád Race within 12:30 hours AND completing the swimming distance within 80 minutes. Last year's performances forecast about 200 Finishers to be eligible...

Let us not forget:
Aquatic Runner Italy is a spectacular challenge, involving alltogether 25 km sandy beach run and 5 km swimming in the sea. 
Huge Fun?
For sure!

So you have to cross the eXtremeMan Nagyatád Finishline before 20:00 o' clock on 29 July. Then in 20 minutes, the final results will be accessible for everyone. Then our staff will double-check the swimming times of those finishing before 20:00. Finally, our showman will ask those eligible to throw their lottery tickets into the urn at the stage.

Drawing of lottery: 30 July 2017, during the Closing Ceremony.
Good luck and have a magnificent race!


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