eXtremeMan Nagyatád 2018
XXVIII. Long Distance National Championships

Race Patrons:

Dr. Béla Bátorfi, President of the Hungarian Triathlon Federation

Péter Claessens, General Manager of Claessens-Group Companies 
István Ormai, Mayor of Nagyatád


Race Organizer: eXtremeMan Ltd. (

Race Director: Dr. Herr Gyula (

Data Processing: EvoChip Hungary 

Showman: Attila Péter



25 July (Wednesday)

Race Office in Competition Center – @ eXtremeMan Square
17:00-20:00 Reception of Participants, Receiving Race Numbers, Information
19:00 Aquathlon Race
From 20:30 „Beer-Sausage Party” - @ Athletes Garden

26 July  (Thursday)

Race Office in Competition Center – @ eXtremeMan Square
9:00-12:00 &17:00-20:00 Opening Hours of Registration Office, Receiving Race Numbers, Information
Triathlon EXPO in Competition Center
18:00 Running Course Exploration - Joint-running on the eXtremeMan Running Tracks
19:00-22:00 Pasta Party - @ Athletes Garden

27 July (Friday)

Race Office in Competition Center – @ eXtremeMan Square
9:00-12:00 &17:00-20:00 Opening Hours of Registration Office, Receiving Race Numbers, Information
9:30 „Just Run & Smile" Female Running Contest
10:30   eXtremeKid Running Contest for 2-9 year olds
8:00-20:00 Submitting the running equipment at the City Swimming Pool  + Triathlon EXPO in Competition Center
17:00 Round-Table Talk of "ironman - a hint of science"
Presenters: Dr. Géza Zakariás, Gábor Kindl & Dr. Gyula Herr
19:00 the eXtremeMan Nagyatád 2018 Opening Ceremony
19:30 „Q&A Hour” – everything which might have been missed during the technical information session

28 July (Saturday)

Location of Swimming: Gyékényes Mining Lake - Petőfi str.- Beach 
6:00 Depo opens for individual competitors
6:30 Swimming Check-In
7:15 Bicycle depo closes for the individual competitors, opens for relay teams. 
7:30 Start of the eXtremeMan Nagyatád 2018 - XXVIII. Long Distance Triathlon National Championships 
8:00 Bicycle depo closes for  the relay teams.
8:50 Start of the Relay Competition

Competition Center in Nagyatád: City Swimming Pool -– eXtremeMan Square
From ca.10:00 First individual competitors to arrive from the first cycling lap to the Competition Center 
10:00 ''The Whales Order'' – start of the 10 km long swimming gala
From ca. 15:15 - First Finishers to arrive
24:00 Closing of Race Course - Fireworks

29 July (Sunday)

11:00    City Sportshall
Awarding Ceremony, Lottery of the Grand Prizes              

General Information:

3800 m Swimming: in the Gyékényes Mine Lake. Start: Running into Water. The swimming course consists of 2 identical laps of 1900 m. After completing the first lap, the competitors must come out of the water and then jump back after running for 10 meters.
Swimming suit can be used only if water temperature goes below 24 celsius. Expected Water Temperature: 21-25 0C

Time Limit: 2 hours 20 minutes to start the cycling

180 km cycling: Gyékényes Mine Lake – Csurgó – Csurgónagymarton – Ágneslak - Iharosberény – Böhönye - Nagyatád City Swimming Pool (75km), then Nagyatád - Segesd - Nagyatád 3-turnaround lap (3x35km), partial road closure, mid-quality asphalt
2 railroad crossings are located on the cycling course, time credit is possible. All participants must comply with the road regulations in effect.
Altitude: 650 m (350m + 3x100m)

Individual refreshments can be picked up only in the designated areas of the Competition Center 

Time Limit: 8 hours 45 minutes to start the last cycling lap

42,195 km Running: Competition Center – Nagyatád Széchenyi Park – Simongát - Competition Center. 8 identical laps of 5250 m, each crosses the Competition Center. Fully closed from traffic, good quality asphalt and cast stone tracks.
Altitude: 5m/lap.  Escorting the runners is strictly forbidden.

Individual refreshments can be picked up only in the designated areas of the Competition Center and of the Fontana Refreshment Station.

Time Limit: 10 hours 30 minutes to start the running, 12 hours 30 minutes to start the 4th lap and 14 hours 30 minutes to start the 7th lap.
Race Course closes at midnight!

Important Information:

The swimming location can be approached and left till 8:00 a.m. w/o any limitations.  
Parking is only allowed in the designated parking area, which is closed in the following time gaps:  8:10-9:20 and 9:50-10:30.
For safety reasons the vehicle traffic going from Gyékényes to Nagyatád is re-routed to the roundabout of  Zákány – Zákányfalu - Somogybükkösd – Porrogszentkirály.
Following the cylists by car is strictly forbidden.

In case of the health condition of any participant being classified to ineligible by the race doctor, the given participant must give up the race and submit his/her race number.

Participating in the eXtremeMan Nagyatád 2018 Individual Race is only possible with valid race license. 
All participants (individual and relay members alike) must comply with the official regulations of the Hungarian Triathlon Federation.  
Please pay special attention to the following: DRAFTING is forbidden and can be punished with immediate disqualification! Suspicion of drafting implies a 5-minutes STOP&GO penalty which must be spent in the designated area (Penalty Box) of the Competition Center.

Objection Fee: 10.000 HUF

Only those born in or before 1998 can participate in the Individual Race.  

In case of ill weather conditions, the time of race start can be modified.                                                    
Every registered individual participant gets the following set in the Registration Office: race number, lottery tickets in envelope, swimming cap and a white chip for time measurement (in case of not possessing his/her own  yellow chip). 

For the white chip there is a rental fee of 1.000 HUF and a deposit implication of another 1.000 HUF, this latter being reimbursed after the chip is submitted. These amounts must be paid in the Registration Office on-site.

All participants receive a unique colored wristband, for category identification. Please wear this wristband during the race. 

After crossing the Finish Line, all successful individual Finishers receive a Finisher T-Shirt and a Medal.

Relay Team Members receive a memorable T-Shirt.
Relay Team Members completing the race in pair receive unique medals too.

During the Awarding Ceremony, all individual Finishers get a diploma.

All participants with wristbands can get the following services for free from 25 July till 28 July: 

​- ​entering the city swimming pool, participating in the pasta party and in the conference of "ironman - a hint of science", using the services of the Athletes Garden and of the Relax Massage Team.

Doping Control is expected.


            The total prize of the race is 2.140.000 HUF, ​distributed as follows: 



250.000 Ft



250.000 Ft


150.000 Ft



150.000 Ft



150.000 Ft


100.000 Ft



90.000 Ft



90.000 Ft


60.000 Ft



90.000 Ft








80.000 Ft








70.000 Ft








65.000 Ft








60.000 Ft








55.000 Ft








50.000 Ft






Premium System

- Either the female or the male top3 finishers receive an additional premium amount (as described in the table above) to their medal position prize. The choice depends on the following: which of them approached the actual Hawaii stage record better, proportionwise.  /Male: Patrick Lange 8:01:40,   Female: Daniela Ryf 8:50:47/
- Further premium amount for breaking the absolute female or male eXtremeMan records: 100 000Ft - 100 000Ft
- For breaking the actual stage records: 30 00 0Ft (only those results count whose owner finished the given race).

Absolute Records:
Gabriella Zelinka 9:14 (2014)
Márton Flander 8:10:11 (2017)

Stage Records
3800m Swimming
Katalin Soós 51:49 (2000)
Balázs Csőke 45:32 (2007)

180km Cycling
Annamária Halász 4:57:17 (2010)
József Major 4:15:20 (2010)

42,195km Running
Gabriella Zelinka3:11:42 (2014)
Márton Flander 2:41:20 (2017)

Hungarian Championships 

The top 3 finishers per age group receive a medal.
Age groups are splitted in 5 years.  
Regarding the team results, the best 3 results of the same sex and of the same team will be considered - regardless of the age group of the team members. 

The race organizers maintain the right of give away further awards.

Loyalty Discounts:

Further discounts are eligible for those returning to our race for a long time already!

​Every individual competitor returning to our race as a finisher of 5, 7, more than 11 or more than 20 times will receive a discount of 10 – 20 – 30 – 50% from the entry fee.

Actual news and further information:


Only online and in-advance registration is possible for the eXtremeMan Nagyatád 2018. race.

Before registering, please read the race information carefully! 



Available @ the registration platform, online. 

The unified cancellation deadline of the registration packages  (eXtremeMan Triatlon, eXtremeMan Plus, eXtremeMan Relay Package) is 30.04.2018, cancellation fee is 3.000 HUF. In case of package registration, no partial, only complete cancellation is possible. 

Deadline and cancellation fee for the individual race cancellation:
till 30.04.2018: 3.000 Ft
till 31.05.2018: 5.000 Ft
till 30.06.2018: 10.000 Ft

Deadline and cancellation fee for the relay race cancellation:
till 31.05.2018: 3.000 Ft
till 30.06.2018: 5.000 Ft
No cancellation is possible after 30.06.2018

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