3.800 m swimming

In the mine lake in Gyékényes. 
Start by running into water. The competition field consists of two 1,900 m laps. 
At the end of the first lap the competitors have to come out of the lake, then after running 10 metres on the ground they need to start the second lap of the swimming. 
The water temperature is expected to be between 21-25 C°.


The time limit: 2 hours 20 minutes – to start the cycling.



 180 km Cycling


Mine lake in Gyékényes – Csurgó – Csurgónagymarton – Ágneslak - Iharosberény – Böhönye - Nagyatád City Swimming Pool (75 km), then three laps on the Nagyatád City's Swimming Pool – Ötvöskónyi – (small arc to right) on Beleg road – 1st turning point before Beleg's railroad – Ötvöskónyi (small arc to right) on the 68th main road – 2nd turning point before Segesd's railroad – Ötvöskónyi – Nagyatád City Swimming Pool. (3 X 35 km).
Route has been partial closed to trough traffic, the quality of the asphalt is medium.The route crosses 3 railway lines, time credit is possible.

The altitude difference is 650 m (350 m + 3 x 100 m).

The time limit: 8 hours 45 minutes – to start the last cycling lap.


42,195 km Running


Competition centre – Nagyatád, Széchenyi Park – turning point by the end of the bike road.
8 laps on a 5.250 meter-long running track. 
The competitors should run through the competition centre in every lap.

The altitude difference is 5 m/laps.

The course is marked out on asphalt, totally secured and closed from the traffic.


It is strictly forbidden for the spectators to follow the competitors.
Individual refreshments can be handled over in the competition center only.
The time limit: 10 hours 30 minutes – to start running; 
12 hours 30 minutes to start the 4th, 15:30 to start the last running lap.

Race course closes at midnight!

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